Denis & Fils

Discover the Denis & Fils Group

Thanks to its superior quality and insatiable curiosity, Denis & Fils has set itself apart for over 100 years. Made in France from carefully selected ingredients, our products stand at the crossroads of perfectly mastered, traditional expertise and a resolutely innovative approach.

Denis & Fils: a passion for excellence

Quality, exacting standards and elegance. These core values have guided our steps since our company was first founded. Passionate about our craft, we strive to recreate fragrances which take us on a journey through time or space, to relive emotions and memories.

Today, the company is the European candle leader thanks to its increasing investments in people and resources and its collections which match market expectations and trends.

A particular focus on innovation

We are proud of our past as we build our future. This is why we are particularly focused on R&D and the use of the latest technologies. Our products are eco-designed and our tools and equipment guarantee the best, most consistent quality.

Trust makes the difference

More than just a supplier, Denis & Fils sees itself as a long-term trusted partner. Always proactive and responsive, fulfilling its commitments in terms of product compliance and delivery deadlines, Denis & Fils has all the resources to be your preferred supplier.