Le chat

The magic of an exceptional moment

Le Chat interprets the latest interior trends

Le Chat creates collections for our everyday, making it even better. A moment of rest and relaxation… A surprise dinner with friends… A little one’s birthday party… Every moment spent at home is important. Le Chat has products adapted to every situation. Create an intimate, cosy or festive atmosphere depending on the circumstances. A cosy and pampered feel, alone or shared. An everyday moment of well-being.


Mes instants

Take a break… and let yourself be tempted by this funny collection, colorful and greedy inspired by modern trends

Take a break… and let yourself be tempted by this funny collection, colorful and greedy inspired by modern trends. Seven moments to discover, share, collect …

Each moment is characterized by a high visual identity, around 3 elements :

1 colour, 1 fragrance1 moment

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Collection inspired by the world of the perfumery

These delicately scented candles express their elegance through a pure white and a soft pink nude.

Find two exceptional fragrances associated with natural wax in three formats.



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A floral collection inspired by perfumery

The Flower collection showcases four flowers with very different personalities and scents: glowing orchid, blazing tulip, radiant rose and invigorating lavender. The Flower collection celebrates notes inspired by the world of perfume. It is available as candles, reed diffusers, diffusers, incense and more and is also available in sets. The collection is colourful, rustic and feminine, romantic yet also invigorating. It lends a good mood to brighten any interior.

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My Candle Time

A feminine and elegant collection with delicious notes

Instant pampering and pleasure with a sweet smell of vanilla, lemon or red berries






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Technical fragrances to stop bad odours

The Only collection combines the useful with the pleasant. With their simple but carefully designed lines, candles diffuse fragrances which neutralise smells: vanilla stops the smell of tobacco, lemon eliminates cooking odours, the coolness of cotton fights interior smells and apple removes animal odours. The three-storey glass totem adds a designer touch. The totem can be recharged with its three candles. Ingenious and well-designed.

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Tangy colours

Summer. It comes with long evenings on the patio, endless barbecues and…the mosquitoes of course! Fortunately, the Summer Collection repels common and tiger mosquitoes thanks to exclusive active ingredient Citriodiol®, a naturally occurring ingredient derived from lemon eucalyptus leaves. A line of candles in pop colours, full of fun, to fully enjoy summer evenings without having to worry about mosquitoes. The bright and cheerful colours bring a touch of poetry to the table, while the contemporary design makes it a popular decorative item.

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Happy Birthday

Emotional moments to share

Another year. Now that’s worth celebrating! For young and old alike, Le Chat has a collection of fun and decorative candles based on several themes: stars, small cars, basketball, little fairies, butterflies and more. Musical candles, magical candles that never go out, colourful birthday candles, numbered candles, phosphorescent candles…with this collection every precious moment can be celebrated in style!

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Happy Time

A festive and friendly atmosphere

A special event? It’s time to get out the Happy Time collection! Magical bouquets in every colour will illuminate birthday parties and special occasions alongside table bombs and party cannons. We have everything you need for an enchanting celebratory occasion!

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Trendy designer collections

Le Chat collections are designed to adapt to every one of life’s moments and every interior, for your enjoyment. The extensive range means you will find the perfect design and ideal product for every occasion: candle, reed diffuser, incense, perfume diffuser… Choose the product that suits you best.

A sprinkle of magic, every day

In terms of design, Le Chat collections follow the latest trends in interior design. A nod to the extraordinary, the elegant and modern aesthetics of Le Chat products make them genuine objets d’art, bringing a touch of fantasy into everyday life. Feminine, dreamy, uncluttered or couture, Le Chat products are created to seamlessly integrate all types of contemporary interiors.

Useful and pleasant

Our passion for innovation has led us to develop Le Chat products with the capability of repelling bad odours or annoying insects. We have several collections combining the useful with the pleasant, to enjoy everyday life with peace of mind.